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Hand-crafted goat milk soap and raw unpasteurized milk

Raw Milk
Simply Rustic Farm has a state permit to sell raw unpasteurized goat milk.  Our girls have a balanced diet of grain, alfalfa and daily access to their pasture.  Our goal is to provided the freshest product we can.  Regular customers have priority on orders so please ask about this program.

$3.50per half gallon                                                            
$7.00 per gallon                                                                    
Call Cathy 371-8404 to schedule a pick up

2017 Breeding Season
Our herd sire, Grande Ronde Rock "E" Road, carries the lines of the Grande and Kastdemur's Nubian herds.  All of our does are bred to Rocky for 2017 kiddings.  They are all registered thru the ADGA.  Their registration numbers are next to their names and can be researched on the ADGA site. Kids are weaned between 8-10 weeks of age and will be available to go to their new homes unless other arrangements have been made. 

Our whole adult herd was tested in 2016 for CAE, CL, TB and Brucellosis.  The whole herd will be tested in again this year March.  Testing goats under the age of 6 months could give false results so we choose to wait until they are older.

RC'S Valhalla Truffle-N1553009
Tru carries Saada and Cove Orchard lineage.  Hershey is her Dam.

Prices for 2018
doelings $400.00
bucklings $300.00

Tru has had 1 set of quads, 2 sets of twins, 1set of triplets


RC's Valhalla Hershey's Kiss-N1543969
Hershey carries Cove Orchard, Apollonia's, Sunset Pines, and Luck-E-G lineage.

Hershey has always thrown triplets and even a one set of quintuplets.

Prices for 2018 breeding:

Doeling :$400.00
Buckling : $300.00


Koolkidz Riks Cheyenne Lass-GN1543577
Cleo carries Koolkidz, God's-Grace, and Thunder-Ridge lineage.

Prices for 2017:
Doeling: $250.00
Sold Out
Due to the fact that Cleo is not a purebred her buckling's cannot be registered. 


RC'S Valhalla Odette-N1543970
Odette carries Luck-E-G, Sunset Pines and RC's Valhalla lineage.  Hershey is her Dam.

Prices for 2017:
We have a 1st reservation on a doeling from this breeding
Buckling available call 371-8404

Simply Rustic Tru Lee Magical - N1641965
Maggie is a 2013 doeling that carries Thunder-Ridge and RC's Valhalla lineage.  Tru is her Dam.

Prices for 2017 breeding:
Doeling: $300.00
Sold Out

Simply Rustic Sweet Violet - N1641966
Violet is a 2013 doeling that carries Thunder-Ridge and RC's Valhalla lineage.  Odette is her Dam.
2018 Prices:
Doeling $400.00
Buckling $300.00

Rocky (Grande Ronde Rock "E" Road - N1641964)

2013 Buck- A very sweet easy going guy.  His dam, Grande Ronde Walk This Way Esme, placed 19th at Nationals for a 2 year old.  Rocky is a blue roan with tan trim and frosted ears.  We are excited to see kids.

Rocky's sire Kastdemur Hasta La Vista ranked #1 for purebred Nubian Buck Dec. 2016
We will take reservations on any kidding with a $50.00 deposit.  The deposit is only non-refundable if you back out of the deal.  If a kid is not born of your choice (sex, doe) you can apply the deposit to another kidding or it will be refunded to you.  Obviously I cannot control the sex or quantity of kids. Please call 208-371-8404 to discuss the options with us.
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